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About Us

CFI CO., LTD. is a China-based, private-owned company. It was in 2011 that the company entered the international food market with own products solely for exports. We specialize in food ingredients, such as flavor enhancer and tomato paste, cocoa products, etc.

We focus on optimizing resources to save cost and redundant efforts, on making best use of timely and accurate information to help secure stable supply while consistently providing quality products through our uniquely designed total quality assurance program. In light of ever increasing challenges to Chinese manufacturers, such as energy and environment related issues, CFI has started seeking for sustainable development strategy and longer term solutions together with our suppliers. Meanwhile, CFI is also well poised to explore new supply sources by applying and adapting its well-proved supply chain management system.

Our Vision: To be a well managed, fast growing, innovative company.

Our Mission: Continue develop new material for our customers promote quality and decrease production cost.




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